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The widest range of top furniture brands in North Cumbria and The Borders

Vaseys Furniture StyleStore is home to the biggest and most eclectic range of furniture brands in North Cumbria and The Borders. We are officially designated:

  • an Ekornes Stressless Studio

These prestigious classifications mean three things. Firstly they mean that through Vaseys StyleStore you have access to the full and complete catalogue of chairs, recliners, coffee tables, cabinet systems and wallcoverings from all of these illustrious brands. Secondly they mean we offer finishes and fabrics not available anywhere else. Thirdly these designations demonstrate how important our relationships with our top brands are.

Below is a list of the brands we hold dear. You'll discover everything from sofas and carpets to lamps and clocks, and we couldn't be prouder to offer them to you.

Unique Furniture Brands

aeroplane wing desk and chair
paimted furniture hatstand stags head
wood chrome dining room furniture
lions head sculpture
pink chair and bar stools
blue velvet bed
conservatory cane furniture
grey dining room furniture

Living Room Furniture

Furniture Bands at Vaseys StyleStore that make you Living Room comfortable and homely. Leading Collections of modern Sofas, Chairs, Footstools, Coffee tables, Bookcases, Storage, Display cabinets, Sideboards, TV Stands and much more.

Stressless Recliners and Sofas

Tetrad Classic Sofas, Armchairs and Footstools