Relyon Beds & Mattresses

Relyon Beds are one of the premium bed and mattress manufacturers in the UK and the world. Their products are second to none and offer the highest build quality, finest materials, innovation and a perfect blend of modern and traditional techniques. Vasey's StyleStore, Carlisle have a large display of Relyon Beds, mattresses and divans, including orthopedic, that you can view and try.

Relyon was established in 1858 initally setting up as a wool merchant in the Somerset town of Wellington.

Originally called Price Brothers and Co. after its founders, the business quickly evolved into manufacturing beds. In 1935 the company became known as Relyon to reflect its emphasis on designing beds that you could truly “rely on” for a good night’s sleep.

The company's philosophy is still the same today: 'your comfort is our paramount priority'.

Relyon's mattresses are hand-made using traditional craftmanship and time-honoured skills that have been passed on and improved upon generation after generation.

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